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First photocatalytic self cleaning ball GUNMA

Less allergies - Less contamination risk - More safety

For nurseries, kindergartens but also at home, the GUNMA ball is  the toy which increases the safety and limits the contagion risk among toddlers.

Dedicated to toddlers, the self-cleaning ball GUNMA is made of an innovative photocatalytic material which permanently cleans the ball surface.

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The Gunma ballThe Gunma ball [162 Kb]

To dress and undress without stress

Starting 3 years, activity apron is used to learn how to dress and undress in a funny way by wearing the apron or to put it on a table.
Worldwide, no similar item exists to manage and low stress of the player as well as introducing dressing skills.

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GOSTOP: the multipurpose tray

Vertical or horizontal playing area, writting or drawing board, presentation area for teacher, GOSTOP is a multipurpose educational tool.

GOSTOP is a wooden tray with a SBS pad sticking on both sides, permanently removable and washable.

All objects (coins, plastic and carton cards, rodes, plastic blocks and tiles, ...) with a smooth and clean surface stick on GOSTOP and are permanently removable.

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